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Water in the Stucco…

Watch our video to learn exactly what happens when water sneaks behind your stucco walls.

Spoiler alert: it’s not a pretty sight.

Stucco Repair

Is your home’s stucco cracking, peeling, or falling off? If the crack is more than 1/8th of an inch, your stucco needs repair. Water can get behind the cracks of the stucco and cause severe damage that is hiding like wood rot, mold, mildew growth, and damage to the insulation.

Florida homes are frequently finished in stucco because it can withstand high heat and harsh wet weather conditions. When stucco problems such as cracking, buckling, or blistering appear, they need to be repaired quickly to prevent any more water damage from being done.

At Another Man’s Treasures, we are highly skilled in stucco repair and carry all the tools and equipment we need to complete our projects. Our handy experts will match your original stucco’s texture and apply the patch so the repair isn’t visible. We have a strategy when it comes to stucco repair: we prep the area first, match the colors, make the fix, then clean up when we’re done.

Our professional stucco repairs will last for years. We don’t take any shortcuts; we tackle the root of the problem first. Then we apply our solution based on the years of experience we have in home construction and improvement in Florida.

Whether you have small cracks in your stucco that need a patch, or need the whole exterior of your house redone, Another Man’s Treasures is here to help.

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Causes of Stucco Damage

  • Caulking failure or improper flashing resulting in water getting behind the stucco and damaging the wood.
  • Florida soil is very sandy leading to residential and commercial building foundations shifting over time causing settling cracks.
  • Water and storm damage is another recurring issue we face in Florida.
  • Accidents happen, impact damage can take a toll on your stucco.
  • Lack of gutters can also lead to more damage. Water runs off your roof creating puddles that splash back up onto your house.
  • Old paint can also lead to cracks in your stucco.

We are Professionals

  • Stucco Repair
  • Stucco Crack & Chip Repairs
  • Stucco Painting
  • Stucco Patching
  • Stucco Texture Matching
  • Stucco Color Matching
  • Water & Storm Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • House Settling Cracks
  • EIFS Stucco Repair
  • Synthetic Stucco Repair
  • Shell Dash repair
  • Cocina Repair

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