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Professional Stucco Repair

Exterior Home Painting

Interior House Painting

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Stucco Repair

Does your stucco have cracks, peeling, pieces falling off, or just doesn’t have that “wow” you want? We can help. Don’t risk further damaging your home, by letting yearly maintenance get away from you.

Get started today, and schedule a stucco repair consultation.

House Painting

From the exterior curb appeal to the interior details, we do it all. Our team uses the highest quality products presenting you with a true lasting finish.

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More of What We Do



Want to help your home? Gutters are a great way to do that. Your home puts up with our harsh Florida sun, sand, hurricane winds, and rain let us protect your home.


Soft Wash

Want to keep your house looking fresh? We can help with that. Washing your house is very important and should be part of your yearly maintenance. We use low pressure high volume to get your home clean. Give your home the good cleaning it deserves.


Window Replacement

Do you have gassed out or broken windows? Do you want to replace the scratched up glass or upgrade your outdated windows? We have you covered!

Professional Stucco Repair

When you think of water damage, it’s natural to think of flooding inside the home. However, water can damage any part of a home, interior or exterior. If your stucco is cracked, peeling, or falling off – just know that water can make its way into those damaged parts and lead to disaster.

Stucco damage is a common problem in Florida. The sun and the rain will fade your paint and dry out your stucco. Our repair specialists find a lot of homes that have water damage to the walls behind the stucco due to stacking, chipping or peeling. It’s better to take care of a small crack now before it becomes a major issue that requires costly repairs.

At Another Man’s Treasures, our specialists can perform cracked-stucco repairs, detect water leaks, help control moisture levels, waterproofing, and apply new stucco.

We can paint on exterior insulation and finish systems (EFIS) synthetic stucco or traditional stucco, whichever you prefer.

If you would like an estimate, give us a call at 904-878-8226.

Professional Painting Services

Exterior Home Painting

The exterior paint on your home has more purpose than just curb appeal! A home’s exterior paint and stain protects the exterior, which protects the interior from damage from the elements. Florida heat and moisture can cause your home’s exterior to chip, peel, crack, and flake off allowing water to seep behind and cause costly damage unseen to the naked eye.

If you are curious as to what a new paint job can do for your home, contact us for an estimate and we can explain all the benefits of modern paint technology and what that means for your house.


Interior House Painting

If you need the interior of your house painted, call the painting professionals at Another Man’s Treasures. We bring years of experience in professional home painting to every job we are chosen to do. Our experience enables us to provide the best paint job you can find in the St. Augustine area, along with the best customer service around.

Choose Another Man’s Treasures Painting Professionals to prepare your home’s interior, then prime, paint, or stain it. After we’re done, we clean up our work area. Our mission is to provide top-quality home improvement services to our customers.

We only provide top-quality painting services, using the best quality interior paints and stains.

For a FREE painting estimate, call 904-878-8226 today.


Our Services

Professional Stucco Repair

Don’t risk further damage to your home by letting stucco problems fall to the wayside. Stucco cracks, blisters, and stains can lead to bigger, more expensive problems.

Expert Interior & Exterior Painting

From the exterior curb appeal to the interior details, your painting project will be done with the highest quality products for a true lasting finish.


We have been in the home improvement business for decades. Our experience allows us to perform any type of renovation or restoration, large or small. We have the knowledge, tools, and manpower to create lasting improvements to our client’s homes.

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